Do you want to be a tree?  Wander is a non-combat, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer game for Mac, Linux and Windows. Wander focuses on exploration and beauty.  As you wander through wander you will have the opportunity to transform into a variety of different creatures.  It’s currently on Steam Greenlight, and features oculus rift support.


To change into another creature you need to have found an unlock. If you hear an opera singer singing in the world, follow them and it’ll lead you to the unlock. Walk into it to unlock that character. You can then change any time by walking into the unlock or clicking on the flower at the bottom. Flower base transforming will require you to have picked some of the flowers, but that is disabled in the current build.



If Wander hangs after you try to login, it’s probably a firewall issue.

If Wander crashes after a few minutes, please check how much free ram you have. Wander needs about 2GB at the moment.

If you are playing with an Oculus Rift, switch between normal and Rift mode with the pause/break key. Razer Hydra’s can be used for flight motion control by pressing the Start button on the Hydra when in flight. Keyboard + Rift isn’t well tested yet.

They will be improving performance on lower end hardware over the next few weeks.

They are adding a quit button really soon. For the moment I’d recommend using windowed mode or shutting it down with task manager.


The Game is in an Alpha just now and can be downloaded at the links below, but a paid for access Beta will be starting up in the near future.

Register for the Alpha HERE