War Attack – Open Alpha

War Attack Game

War Attack is a fun WebGL based FPS that offers easily accessible multiplayer 60 FPS first person shooting action in which teams of players do battle in charming low poly war zones, and is all playable within your browser with no need to install anything!

War Attack is currently early in devilment so it isn’t exactly packed with features at the moment, but the core gameplay that’s on display in the current build is already very impressive – especially when you take into account the whole thing is running in your browser. You can create an account or just jump straight in as a guest and join in a team deathmatch instantly (though you get XP if you log in).

The range of weaponry is currently limited to a axes, grenades, pistols and rifles, with you able to switch between them with the mouse wheel and the 1,2,3,4 keys. It’s no Battlefield, but the combat is fast and fun, with well online leaderboards, gameplay that ticks along at 60 FPS (computing power permitting) and a fun low poly visual style that’s full of character.

It’s unlikely that War Attack will ever have the depth and range of features that the likes of CoD and Battlefield have, but it shows a lot of promise – a fun little shooter that’s perfect for dropping in on for some quick bouts of low poly warfare. We’ll see you on the browserfield!

Note: We’d really recommend playing in full screen (press ‘O’ to open up options menu then select ‘Full Screen’), may not work in Safari.

Play The War Attack Alpha Here (Browser)