War Brokers – Open Beta

War Brokers is a very impressive low poly Battlefield-style multiplayer first person shooter, with vehicles, objectives and customisable loadouts – all playable in a browser with no need to download anything!

War Brokers provides players with an easily accessible multiplayer shooter that takes place across large (and surprisingly detailed) low poly urban battlegrounds. It’s still in development, but it’s already an impressive game, with a nice selection of weaponry, tanks, APCs and choppers to blast your opponents with. There are even missions and daily rewards that unlock cosmetic items if you register an account (no account is needed for normal play though, you can just drop in as in an .io game).

Obviously it’s not going to match Battlefield for visual fidelity and features, but War Brokers is still a remarkable technical achievement and a fun multiplayer FPS. The only thing it doesn’t have is destructible terrain – but considering its all running in a browser, that’d probably be pushing it a little! A very impressive game that’s well worth checking out for some low poly browser based urban warfare!

There’s a FAQ With Key Bindings Here

Play War Brokers Open Beta Here (Browser)