Warfare Online – Open Beta (Steam)

Warfare Online Open Beta

Warfare Online is a very addictive tug-of-war style real time strategy game from Con Artist Games, the creators of Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944 that allows players to go head to head in trench based warfare with players from around the world.

We first featured Warfare Online during the Beta sign up stage back in November last year and were really looking forward to seeing how the strategic trench based combat of the Flash-based Warfare games transferred to a full downloadable game with online play. We’re happy to say it doesn’t disappoint, with beautifully animated visuals and fast paced, strategic tug-of-war combat with plenty of depth.

For those who’ve never sampled the Warfare games single lane take on real time strategy it may take a little getting used to at first. Each team has a base at either side of the map and must deploy units which automatically walk towards the opponent’s base unless you select a place for them to sit in cover. The strategy comes in finding the correct units to counter your opponent’s units and knowing when to break from cover for a big charge. You also have access to special support cards such as artillery strikes or unit buffs that can really help turn the tide of battle.

There are a few issues with balancing, particularly the Tanks which feel a little bit overpowered in the latest patch. This can make the infantry feel a little redundant at the moment, but hopefully they’ll get nerfed a little in a future update. There are some Free-to-Play trappings but they’re pretty unintrusive and you only really need to purchase anything if you want to support the developer.

Much like the Flash based Warfare games that preceded it, Warfare Online offers a very focused, fast paced and addictive take on real time strategy. Combine this classic Warfare formula with head-to-head online play, snazzy visuals, custom platoons and lots of other new features and it’s shaping up to be a very impressive RTS that’s perfect for short, intense bouts of all out warfare.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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