Warkeep – Alpha Demo

Warkeep offers a fun fusion of Tetris and castle defense as you build your castle by dropping different shaped blocks, then attempt to fend off the hordes of attacking enemies.

The levels of Warkeep take part in two stages – the building stage and the combat stage. During the building stage Tetris-style blocks and unit barracks drop down from the sky and you place them in such a way to build the strongest castle possible. Then during the combat phase you have to control your units and unleash special attacks as you attempt to destroy the waves of enemies that swarm the castle.

There’s a certain amount of strategy to building your castle as you need to protect your core and you don’t want your archer/mage/soldier barracks getting destroyed either or your forces will be significantly depleted. What’s more, if you place your mage or archer barracks on the edge of the castle then they’ll fire at incoming enemies – so placing them high up safe from damage, but also at the edge of your castle is the best strategy.

Things get pretty chaotic during the combat phase, as you control your hero unit, unleash special attacks on cooldowns and purchase upgrades for your castle. It can be quite a challenge to complete as the hordes are pretty relentless and the enemy catapults can do some serious damage.

It could possibly do with a little more balancing, as your success can often be attributed to which randomly selected unit rooms and turrets you acquire, but even in its current form Warkeep is fun and very addictive. Well worth checking out for some Tetris: Siege Mode fun!

Note: You can upgrade your units by clicking on the mage/archer/soldier rooms and you can also upgrade the individual towers.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Warkeep Alpha Demo Here (Windows)