Warlocks – Open Alpha


Warlocks is a fun, fast paced pixel art aRPG wizard Brawler where you slay monsters, defeat epic bosses and collect lots of procedurally generated magical loot.

The game is set across multiple dimensions, with you fighting in 1940’s Wall Street, ruined cathedrals, foggy swamplands and much more – all hand-painted with gorgeous pixel art.   You fight, level up and equip weaponry and armour to your character on-the-fly, while still fighting off hordes of enemies.  Once all the enemies on a level are defeated, you’ll come up against a mighty boss which you must defeat to rescue warlocks which can then be used on future playthroughs.

Each playable warlock has a distinct skillset with 4 different special moves which drastically affect your playstyle.  Warlocks will feature single player, 4 player co-op (online & local) and versus modes with up to 4 players battling across an arena.

It’s a wonderful game, with some fantastic pixel art animation, great character design, fast paced gameplay and lots of lovely loot.  A super cool pixel-brawler with lots of depth.

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE

Update: Alpha no longer available