Warlords Awakening – Open Beta

Warlords Awakening is a dungeon crawling fantasy MMORPG that tasks you with becoming an Elite Lord as you go on raids, collect loot and conquer the fantasy world of Epheia.

Although is in Early Acess, it’s worth noting that it isn’t actually a new game, instead it’s more of a remaster/rerelease/rebranding of one called Elite Lords of Alliance (aka Inspirit Online) which has already had two failed releases. They’ve removed most of the Pay-to-Win stuff in this release, but it’s worth keeping this in mind before you decide to drop any money on it (the Open Beta weekend is free so at least you can check it out and see it it’s for you).

In the game players will be able to choose from five unique player classes (Blood Knight, Mage, Psychic, Hunter and Assassin), each with their own skills and combat styles. Each character class has three different stances, allowing you to switch between them to suit different combat situations.

The game world is large and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy. There’s a wide range of weapons and gear to collect on your adventures, but you’ll need to grind to get any of the good stuff. As well as the dungeon crawling and raids there’s 4v4 PvP battles to test out your skills in.

Warlords Awakening doesn’t do anything to revolutionise the MMORPG genre, but you may get a kick out of it if you can stand the grind. The Open Beta will be live until the 26th of November so you can check it out to see if third time’s a charm for this remastered and rereleased MMORPG.

Download The Warlords Awakening Open Beta Here (Steam)