Warp Soldier – Alpha Demo

Warp Soldier is a stylish pixel art metroidvania with a focus on mobility and combo-based combat as you fight your way through it’s large monochrome world.

In Warp Soldier you control a little soldier as he makes his way through a monster-filled monochrome world. You can walk and jump as in any traditional platformer, but you also have access to a sword and kick attacks that you can combine for a variety of melee combos (including the ability to launch enemies up in the air). As you progress you also unlock more abilities, including a handy warp-tag ability that allows you to teleport to where the enemy you tagged is.

At the moment the jumping feels a little inaccurate and the AI of the enemies is a little too basic (so you can kill them all with the same basic juggle combo), but other than that Warp Soldier is off to a great start. It’s got a strong visual style, the pixel art animation is excellent and it’s a real pleasure to explore and discover the secrets the world is hiding. It’s charming and playful world feels a little like that of a Mario metroidvania game would be like, but with gameplay that has more of a focus on melee combat and mobility tricks. It turns out it’s much more fun being able to beat up your enemies instead of just bouncing on their heads!

Download The Warp Soldier Alpha Demo Here (Windows)