Warpips – Beta Demo

Warpips is an addictive and fast paced single-player tug-of-war real-time strategy game where you command a small army and try to overwhelm your enemy.

Drawing inspiration from Command and Conquer and Clash Royale, in Warpips you manage your resources, your upgrades and your troops as you attempt to defeat rival armies in randomly generated battles. The core gameplay is similar to most tug-of-war real-time strategy games, but it is a single-player focused game, with no microtransations and properly balanced gameplay (there’s no pay-to-win because there’s nothing you can pay for!)

In each mission you earn XP medals, which you then need to decide what to use on – you can upgrade your troops, unlock new types of troops, unlock larger army sizes or trade them for cash (which you use to purchase troops). The key to victory is figuring out the best upgrades for your army and a good strategy for releasing your units into combat. Between rounds you can also purchase new units and defenses which can be used in future missions.

Most tug-of-war real-time strategy games are Clash Royale-esque cash grabs, which is a real shame as the core premise is a lot of fun. By sticking to a single-player format and putting gameplay ahead of microtransactions, Warpips has managed to create a well balanced, strategic and very addictive strategy game, with a real sense of progression and lots of replayability. There’s a wide range of strategic options available to you as you progress and it’s a lot of fun seeing the carnage unfold on the battlefield. Highly recommended.

Download The Warpips Beta Demo Here (Steam)