WarRab: Veteran – Beta Demo


One-man game developer Chadrick Evans is currently developing his unique IP, WarRab: Veteran all on his own.

Taking point as Flappy, a sailor hare, players will fight against the Howlers in an attempt to save the hares from the predatory nature of their lion-esque adversaries. Beginning on a ship under siege by the enemy, Flappy must save his allies from the attack, doing so with 2D platforming gameplay, excellently executed with an objective system of problem-solving.

The battle system is a combination of real-time and turn-based components. In a turn-based sense, it’s always the enemy’s turn to attack, and they’ll do so consecutively until they are silenced for good. Under constant attack, the player has the option to dodge with a click of the mouse, while waiting for their stamina bar to refill. Once the bar is full, the player can click on a command and attack, starting out with a slingshot ranged attack or a bunny hop physical move. The game supports room to add up to three more party members, and players obviously gain experience from battle, increasing the max health of the player character.

Evans weaves an epic tale in a small scale game genre, the 2D platformer RPG, with an execution expected from a AAA developer. Aside from his story writing talents, Mr. Evans does everything himself, from art direction to the awesome soundtrack, which perfectly sets the mood of this IP.  Hopefully his Greenlight campaign will have a hoppy ending!

Check Out the Greenlight Page HERE

Download the WarRab: Veteran Beta Demo or Purchase the Full Version HERE