WARTILE – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)


WARTILE is a great looking blend of turn based tactics and CCG in which you use a select group of miniature viking figurines in strategic combat.

The devs of WARTILE have gone out of their way to make it feel very much like a table-top game, with the well crafted miniature figurines and battle boards looking very much like a board game has come to life.  WARTILE isn’t quite turn based, instead opting for a cooldown based combat system, giving a nice blend of real time and turn based combat.  As you progress you’ll be able to expand your collection of figurines and customise them with weapons, armour and new abilities.  The fun blend of gameplay genres and striking visual style, make this a game you certainly won’t get board of!

Check Out the WARTILE  Kickstarter Page Here (Launching Tonight)

Download The WARTILE Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)