Wasteland Golf – Game Jam Build Download

wasteland golf

Wasteland Golf, a golfing game made for the Indie Speed Run 3.0, has you avoiding toxic waste while trying to get a hole in one!

You are golfing through a barren wasteland. Trees are on fire, toxic waste barrels sit in tubs around the course and mutant dogs roam, looking for humans to infect. As you play golf caddy walks around with you. He clearly isn’t the smartest caddy in the field – or maybe he is the most dedicated – as he is willing to walk into hazards and die to get to the ball.

You must use this ball to navigate your caddy through the hazards and to the end hole. The number of strokes don’t really matter, just keep your caddy alive. As you continue to go through the holes, there are some collectables that you can get your caddy to run into. Things like drinks will reduce the number of strokes. Puzzle pieces also dot around some levels and should be collected. Once you finish all of the holes, you will be able to roam around free of hazards. Until then, just make sure your caddy doesn’t die in this golf course full of real hazards.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available