Watch Over My Grave – Game Jam Build Download

Watch Over My Grave is a challenging shooting gallery game where you only have control of the Y-axis as you attempt to protect a grave from evil monsters.

Created for the 2019 Epic MegaJam, in Watch Over My Grave it’s your precision timing rather than your aiming that it really tested. You can move the Y-axis of your gun sights by using the mouse, but the X-axis constantly moves left and right automatically, so you have to wait until it lines up to shoot your targets. The targets in question are weird boney monsters that attempt to attack you and the grave you’re guarding. You need to protect the grave for six nights, but it’s not going to be easy!

It’s an addictive and unique twist on the traditional shooting gallery genre and it makes for a very tough game. Timing is everything and missing one shot can have disastrous consequences as you have to wait for the X-axis to come back around again – all the while with those monsters getting closer!

Download Watch Over My Grave Here (Windows)