WATCHERS – Open Beta

WATCHERS is a unique new top-down battle royale shooter where death isn’t the end of your game – killed players become “Watchers” who can bet on their favourite players and carry out experiments to alter the rules of the game world.

In WATCHERS death may mean that you can’t win the match, but you can still have a lot of fun at the surviving players’ expense and even make a little cash by betting on them. Matches see 24 players doing battle with a wide variety of weird weaponry in an idyllic suburban environment. As in any battle royale game, the goal is to be the last one standing, but in WATCHERS, when you die your game is far from over…

When players die they enter a special Watcher mode, which allows them to watch other players, place bets on them and influence the battle by introducing anomalies and experiments to the battlefield. These anomalies can allow you to do all manner of things – such as turning a player into a giant, turning all the guns into bubble guns or dropping a refrigerator on someone’s head. The WATCHERS are essentially the overlords of the world and they’re more likely to nicer to players who are fun to watch, which offers an incentive for players to be more entertaining and avoid camping.

It’s a novel concept that looks set to offer matches with plenty of random hilarity and plenty to keep you entertained even after you die. The WATCHERS Beta will be live until August 4th and the servers are live daily from 8pm – 12am PDT and 8am – 12pm PDT.

Download The WATCHERS Beta Here (Windows)