Wave Break – Alpha Demo

Wave Break combines skateboarding and speed-boating to form a bizarre arcade skateboating game where you pull off slick tricks and gun down opponents in an 80’s Miami Vice inspired world!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 during the closed Alpha sign up, Wave Break is essientailly a fusion of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarder and Wave Race, with a touch of Mario Kart. You take control of cute little animals who don’t so much drive their speed-boats as skate them – using them to pull off gnarly flips, tricks, manuals and grinds.

The full Wave Break game will feature a variety of game modes, including a single player story-driven campaign and a selection of local and online multiplayer modes. The demo build features a tutorial area Trick Attack, Deathmatch and Free Play game modes – it may be hard to find anyone else online (because the full game’s not been released yet), but you can play the Free Play mode on your own (which you access by going back to the main menu) and you can join the Discord group to arrange games.

It’s a very promising game, with beautiful visuals, a fun sense of humor, addictive gameplay and a very unique premise. It’s a game where you can watch a bear in a suit kick-flip a speed-boat. What’s not to like about that?

Download The Wave Break Alpha Demo Here (Steam)