Wave Run – Game Jam Build Download

wave run game

Wave Run, a stylish and super tough pixel art platformer made for the Global Game Jam 2017, sees you using a water powered jetpack to propel yourself around fiendishly designed levels.

Wave Run is a super fast paced platformer that challenges you to not only beat each section, but to beat it as fast as possible. This is no easy task, as the time ticks down, you need to jump, fly, and guide your way through deadly hazards. You do have a water powered jetpack to help you out, but you will need to be precise in your movements and know when to use it. The jetpack also has a limited amount of fuel that you can refill by going in water or touching a blue orb.

Along the way are checkpoints – these will allow you to respawn in that section of the game when you die. These checkpoints also hold the trophy you have earned for completing that area of the level. These trophies are awarded depending on how fast you make it through. There are 33 different time trials in total, so you will have many chances to earn more trophies!

Wave Run is very difficult but is well designed, super addictive, has a catchy soundtrack and some excellent pixel art visuals. A well crafted speed run focused platformer well worth checking out.

Play or Download Wave Run Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)