WaveLand – Alpha Demo

WaveLand download

WaveLand is a fun speedrun-focused platforming adventure that requires mastery of the air-dash button to allow you to find a fast, flowing route through each level.

WaveLand can be played like a traditional Mario-style platformer, as you avoid hazards, find secrets and make your way to the end of the level. It takes on a whole new aspect once you attempt to speedrun your way through the levels through and chase that elusive ‘S’ rank.

To stand a chance of getting an ‘S’ rank you really have to master the air-dash, a move that not only allows you to dash in any direction in the air, but also allows you to dash into the ground and propel you faster. This into-the-ground dash can take a little while to master, but is a vital part of your skills that you’ll need as you progress.

The current build of WaveLand does have a few rough edges (we’re not entirely sold on over-reliance on the into-the-ground dash yet and the controls could do with a little tightening up), but the pixel art animation and level design are excellent. Well worth checking out for some challenging speedrun fun.

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Download The WaveLand Alpha Demo Here (Windows)