Wavetale – Beta Demo

Wavetale is a beautiful narrative-driven action adventure where you can skate across the sea with the aid of a shadowy underwater friend.

In Wavetale you follow the adventure of Sigrid, a young girl who lives in a run down cluster of islands that are surrounded by a shadowy fog that’s kept at bay by the light from a lighthouse. The islanders make a living from fishing, but it’s a far cry from the islands’ heyday before the city sank.

Sigrid yearns for adventure and one day she encounters a strange shadowy being that lives under the water. The being matches her steps like a shadow and allows her to walk, run and skate across water. She then sets out to save the citizens of the islands, defeat an old nemesis and hopefully help restore the islands to their former glory.

The open world action platforming and surfing gameplay of Wavetale is an absolute delight, with a nice sense of speed and flow to your movement. It feels a little like what an open world 3D Sonic game would be like (if they were actually good). It’s got a vibrant and interesting game world and the artstyle is excellent too, with some great little touches like the expressions in the character’s cartoony eyes. It makes for a delightful aquatic adventure filled with great gameplay and a real sense of wonder. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Wavetale Beta Demo Here (Steam)