Wax Heads – Beta Demo

Wax Heads is a hand-drawn cozy-punk slice-of-life adventure where you work at a record store, help customers find what they want and uncover lots of band drama.

In Wax Heads you are a new employee at an independently owned record store. The owner used to be in a band herself, but the band broke up years ago. Your main job is to help your customers find what they want. Sometimes they know exactly what album they want, but sometimes you’ll need to use clues to help deduce what record will suit them. You may also get roped into other tasks, such as designing fliers for a gig. All the while, you’ll learn more about the lives of the customers and the owner of the record store.

It’s a delightful game with fun characters, excellent artwork and clever use of the customer’s requests that make you feel like some sort of record detective. The little details the record sleeves are particularly impressive, and make you with you could own real versions yourself! Highly recommended.

Download The Wax Heads Beta Demo Here (Steam)