WaxHeart – Alpha Demo

WaxHeart is a spooky 3D stealth puzzle platforming adventure where a boy with a lantern for a heart explores a dark world filled with monsters that chase light.

On WaxHeart you are a mysterious young boy whose chest is a large wax-fuelled lantern. The lantern can be used to do things like light the way, melt snow and open sealed doors, but it also alerts enemies to your presence, so you need to give them a wide berth when passing them, or use objects to block the path of your light.

The current demo build of WaxHeart does very much feel like a work in progress, with a world that feels very empty and lacking in visual flair. However, the gameplay is great, with fluid character movement, and a nice mixture of puzzle solving, platforming and stealth. A particularly enjoyable gameplay element is the way the snow melts around you as you walk, which could throw up some interesting puzzles in the full game. A promising little horror adventure with a lot of (wax)heart.

Download The WaxHeart Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)