WAYWARD – Game Jam Build Download


WAYWARD, a beautifully animated and super tough game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you hunting wild animals after one of them has stolen a baby from the tribe.

A baby was taken from your tribe by a wolf like animal. You have been chosen to hunt and kill all of that type of animal, so that your tribe will not lose anymore people. The animals surround the beautiful forest by your camp. You must follow trails of blood to find where these animals are hiding.

You only have one bow and a limited number of arrows. You must pull back your bow until your character pulses. Once your vision goes tense, you have full power on your bow. You can then fire them into the animals, to kill them in one shot. Once you fire an arrow, you must go back and collect it. If you run out of arrows, you will surely be defenseless against these wolves.

You do have a sprint, to swiftly catch errors or dodge wolves, though it does have a short cool down time. It’s a tricky game, and the wild animals can pulverise you in seconds and as there is no health bar you’re always alert about the prospect of a premature death.

Though WAYWARD is short, it is quite challenging. You must use your sprint carefully and make sure to pull back your arrow completely, if you have a chance to complete this game. Kill all of the wolves, to ensure the safety of your tribe.

Download WAYWARD HERE (Win Only)