Wayward Harbor – Student Game Download

Wayward Harbor is a very intense first person horror game where you can only see the monsters via your hand mirror.

Created by students at Howest, Digital Arts and Entertainment (plus a composer from Artesis Plantijn University), Wayward Harbor is a terrifying first person horror game with invisible monsters that have risen from the depths. Your only means of seeing these monsters is via your mother’s hand mirror, and you’ll need to use it as you try to make your way from your house to the safety of your boat (grabbing a few essential items along the way).

The monsters are fairly slow and easy to hide from, but the fact that they’re invisible makes them very formidable. To survive you’ll either need to master walking backwards or pay very close attention to audio cues that give you an idea of their location.

It’s a very well crafted little horror game with a highly detailed environment, excellent audio design and terrifying monsters. Only being able to see the monsters via a mirror is a great touch and it makes for some heart-stopping moments as you try and make yur way to the safety of the sea. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Wayward Harbor Here (Windows)