We Are The Plague – Beta Demo

We Are The Plague is a tactical turn based dungeon crawling adventure where you form an unholy alliance with a demonic plague as you spread vengeance and death across the land.

You were dead but now you’re alive and you have a mysterious entity called The Plague to thank for your change of fortune. The Plague spreads hatred, pain and death, and now it’s enlisted you in its cause. You must now explore the decaying hand drawn world, recruit members to your team and kill all your enemies in tactical turn based combat.

The current build of We Are The Plague serves as a prologue to the full game and features a sizeable chunk of gameplay. There’s a nice amount of depth to the combat, but the game does a good job of easing you into the action. You control a group of characters much like in X-Com, with you being able to move, use a special ability and either attack or defend. You team are suited to different types of combat so strategically deploying them on the map is the key to victory.

It’s a promising game with a great art style, a delightfully dark premise and top-down turn-based dungeon crawling gameplay that’s a little reminiscent of Hero Quest (though you’re definitely not the hero in this adventure!).

Download The We Are The Plague Beta Demo Here (Steam)