We Follow the Fickle Path – Game Jam Build

We Follow the Fickle Path is a dark and unsettling narrative-driven adventure that follows the story of a lowly worker ant as she struggles with her identity and her devotion to the colony.

Created for the Game Off 2021 game jam, We Follow the Fickle Path is a visual novel adventure with exploration elements, which puts you in the role of a tiny ant in a colony of thousands. Your colony is searching for a new home so you march during the day and get a little time to relax, explore and chat to others in the colony in the evenings.

On your journey you will face hardships and question whether the colony is doing the right thing. You’ll also meet the queen and see some of your sisters fall to a horrifying disease. The choices you make along the way matter. You are a sister of many, but your choices can have a dramatic effect on how things play out for you and your colony.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, We Follow the Fickle Path weaves a very sombre and impactful narrative as you march with your many sisters. The hand drawn artwork is fantastic and you really feel for your character as she is torn between her personal convictions and what’s best for the colony.

Play We Follow the Fickle Path Here (Browser)