We Love You, Robo Dad – Game Jam Build Download

We Love you, Robo Dad, a short and sweet QWOP styled game made for the Global Game Jam 2018, has you taking control of a robotic arm who wants to be a dad!

That’s right, you want to become a dad – even though you are a robot with a single arm to control. This arm does have a fork on the end of it, so you are able to grab things, but moving the arm is a problem on its own. It’s playable with one players, but ideally, you would control this arm with two separate players, one controlling the main poles that make up the length of the arm and the other controlling the ‘claw’ on the hand and the joint between the two lengths.

Each section of We Love you, Robo Dad short story has a different task for you to do to help you achieve your goal of becoming a dad. You need to sign adoption papers, knock on the door of your new home, and feed your child the fruit of your choice! Though there isn’t a whole lot to do to become a dad, being a robot makes dad-ing even more challenging. It’s a very touching, charming, yet challenging game that really has you earning your fatherhood!

Important Note: The Windows build is labelled as “WeLoveURoboDad.zip” and is tagged as a source file download. Once, unzipped you’ll find the executable in the ‘release’ folder.

Download We Love you, Robo Dad Here (Windows & Mac)

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  1. Thank you for your review of our videogame, we really appreciate it!
    We are working on it and we hope to release a new version soon :)

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