We Should Talk – Student Project Game

We Should Talk is a conversation driven narrative experience where you visit your favorite bar to discuss life and love with friends and strangers while determining whether your relationship with your partner will survive the night.

In We Should Talk you visit a bar to mull things over about your current relationship. Things are a little rough between you and your girlfriend and she wants to talk things through, but you’re not sure if you’re ready. In the bar is your best friend, your ex-boyfriend and a stranger. Your interactions with these three people (and the texts with your girlfriend) will determine how genuinely you connect with your girlfriend and the future of your relationship with her.

You talk to each person in We Should Talk one at a time, with you able to choose which order you talk to them and texting with your partner between conversations. Rather than just selecting a line of conversation, you can rotate a selection of tumblers which have different words on them, allowing you to make a variety of different phrases. Your choices here can affect how the conversations play out and how stable your relationship is at the end of the game

It’s an interesting game that gives an insightful look into the various things people want from a relationship and how things can go wrong (or go right). The multi-tumbler based conversation system is a particularly nice touch as it feels a bit more free-flowing than a traditional “select a pre-formed response” system. It allows you to make your own responses and doesn’t feel like there are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ responses. You might break up with your partner at the end of the night or not, but either way feels like the right thing to do based on your choices. Highly recommended.

Download We Should Talk Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)