Weapon Shortage – Game Jam Build

Weapon Shortage

Weapon Shortage is a daft little game created for Ludum 32 in which you can hammer together a variety of odd items – from bananas to human heads – then test them out in increasingly tough waves of arena combat.

Building the weapons is pretty simple once you get the hang of it – simply drag the items on-top of each other then hammer them in place.  You can then choose the orientation of your weapon then take it into the arena to test it out.  Starting off with just a few items, you’ll level up and unlock more powerful (and strange) parts through the arena combat as you fight waves of warriors with floating swords.

The current build of Weapon Shortage was created in just 72 hours so does have a few rough edges (particularly in the arena), but it’s a joy seeing what ridiculous creations you can come up with from your eclectic assortment of parts.  There’s a particular sense of achievement to be had from clubbing a man to death with a severed head and a fried egg nailed to a stick!

Play Weapon Shortage in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

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  1. I’d do a Let’s Play if there is more material, I got all of the items on the second go. Also I will record for bugs because there are some bugs I came across I can’t quite explain.

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