Weather Report – Game Jam Build Download

Weather Report is a fun little horror game where a researcher works late into the night with only a nightly weather report on the TV for company.

Created for the Two Minute Horror Jam, in Weather Report you take on the role of a researcher who is working from home one dark and stormy night. You can wander around your apartment, read a few books, work on your computer and watch the nightly weather report on TV. There’s also a ladder that leads upstairs, but depending on what you do downstairs, you’ll find what’s up there to be very different…

It only takes a few minutes to play through Weather Report, but there’s two unique endings depending on your actions and a nice amount of optional content in the form of the books you can read. It’s an eerie, but oddly charming little bite-sized horror game that leaves you wanting to know more about what the hell your researcher is working on!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Weather Report Here (Windows)