Weekend Drive – Alpha Download

Weekend Drive game

Weekend Drive is a wonderfully chaotic driving game with a rather deceptive name – instead of going for a relaxing weekend drive you’re doing all manner of crazy things, from dodging meteorites to firing rockets at a 200ft skyscraper-smashing zombie.

The current build of Weekend Drive is still very early in development so does have some rough edges, but it already offers three diverse, carnage filled game modes – Meteorite Drive, Canyon Jump and Nazilla.  Meteorite Drive sees you attempting to get through a city to safety as meteorites smash everything in sight, causing untold devastation as skyscrapers crumble before your eyes.  Canyon Jump is a fairly basic mode at the moment, that just see’s you attempting to jump a bus over a canyon.  But it’s Nazilla that’s the star of the show – a blend of driving and FPS in which you drive around the city collecting ammo for your rocket launcher then attempting to blow up the Godzilla-sized zombie that’s smashing up the city.

Nazilla and Meteorite Drive offer up some thoroughly enjoyable carnage-filled action as huge chunks of buildings fly through the air in the game’s fully destructible environments.  Although lacking a little polish at the moment, these game modes are unlike anything we’ve seen in a driving game, and the dev isn’t just stopping there.  The plan is to add a host of other unique game modes, such as DriveZ (Escape the zombie-filled city by car, but find fuel on foot), Angry Racer (place deadly traps around the track before a race), Spy Drive (deliver secret plans, but any other driver may be a spy), and Tycoon Drive (drive around buying properties, collecting rent and buying cars).

With it’s charming, low poly visual style and unique selection of chaotic game modes, Weekend Drive is a blast.  It’s hard to stop smiling with glee as meteors fly, monsters smash and buildings topple before your very eyes.  A blocky driving game that really does think outside the box (then smashes it to smithereens!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download The Weekend Drive Alpha Build HERE (Weekend Drive v0.04a.7z)