Welcome – Game Jam Build


Welcome, a point and click made for the Locus Jam, has you spending 30 surreal days in a super small hotel room.

You are in a single room, with only a bed and a small cubby for your stuff. Each day, you can look out the window, play some music, watch a few DVD’s and go to sleep. This is all you have for the next 30 days – it is all you brought. The weather changes daily, the DVD’s are interesting, but nothing to really keep you entertained in this small place for too long.

As you try different combinations of things with your day, you will see items appearing in your cubby or bag. These strange items are non interactable – you cannot click them or use them. You must wonder and guess at what they mean. This game is full of guessing and mystery – from the reason why you are stuck in this room to why you are seemingly stealing other people’s things. There is a lot of chance taking place in order to gain new objects, but it is quite entertaining to try and figure out how to get the next item or if anything changed at all.  Maybe you’re just going mad?

Download Welcome Here (Win Only)