Welcome Home 2 – Alpha Demo

Welcome Home 2 is a surreal 2D psychological horror adventure which follows a young boy who descends into madness as he attempts to escape from the house that his grandmother has locked him up in.

A sequel to the excellent Welcome Home, Welcome Home 2 features an entirely different story and setting from the original and follows a young boy called David as he tries to escape from his house. The game starts with you trapped in a basement and you escape by sleeping on an old mattress, which can take you to two different locations – your grandmother’s house and a train station.

You need to explore these surreal dream locations, solve puzzles and earn new skills that allow you to see and interact with the various monstrosities that inhabit them. How much of it is really happening and how much is in David’s mind is debatable (it’s possible David is having some form of mental breakdown), but it’s possible to take objects from the dream world back into the basement so it may all be real. Either way, it’s pretty damn freaky, with beautifully grotesque pixel art monstrosities, excellent audio design and a fascinating game world to explore. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Welcome Home 2 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)