Welcome to Elk – Beta Demo

Welcome to Elk is a charming looking, but deceptively dark and unsettling narrative driven adventure where every character has a story to tell that’s based on real-life stories.

In Welcome to Elk you follow the adventure of a young carpenter called Frigg, who lives on a small island. It’s an odd place filled with quirky characters who the world has forgotten, such as your buddy Anders who is convinced he is dead. Every character you meet on the island has their own story to tell, based on real-life stories and tall tales (that the devs were told by real people), and contain elements of humor, love and death.

The current build of Welcome to Elk takes around 20 minutes to play through and allows you to get to know Frigg and learn one of the inhabitant’s stories. You can explore a little, chat to friends and complete fun little contextual minigames – such as trying to pour the perfect pint for your friends. Then you learn one of the inhabitants’ stories and Welcome to Elk really comes into its own.

The island of Elk is a charming looking place with (mostly) charming characters, but their stories can get remarkably grim and the game doesn’t shy away from showing the darker side of human nature. It makes for a superb bit of storytelling and although a lot of the people you meet on the island are clearly a little damaged, the charming cartoony visuals mean the impact of the stories really catch you off-guard. There’s much more to this whimsical looking cartoon world than first meets the eye.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Welcome to Elk Beta Demo Here (Steam)