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Welcome To Hanwell is a very creepy open world psychological horror game in which you explore an entire city that’s been isolated from the rest of the world, and where monstrous anomalies walk the streets.

When the anomalies first arose in Hanwell a council was formed, providing equipment and expertise to help keep its residents safe. Your city was a relatively secure place to live in for a while, but now the council has fallen, equipment is failing and you are being stalked by a mysterious individual who seems to be everywhere…

The Welcome To Hanwell Alpha Demo takes place in Hanwell Jail, with you attempting to escape from its confines while avoiding the attention of a ghoulish woman who haunts it. The Unreal Engine powered visuals and audio design are excellent throughout, really helping to build the tension and allowing for some pretty good jump scares during it’s 10 minute play time.

The Hanwell Jail of the current build is clearly only a small sample of what the full city of Hanwell will offer, but it impresses with its Outlast-esque combination of stealth, exploration, unsettling atmosphere and well scripted jump scares. We certainly look forward to seeing what disturbing delights the full city has to offer!

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Download The Welcome To Hanwell Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. This game looks like it’s gonna be awesome! I’m putting this one on my watchlist! If you want, I uploaded my play-through of the demo to YouTube! :D

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