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Welcome to the Underwhere

Welcome To The Underwhere!, a cute and quirky 2 player game made for the Strawberry Jam, sees you wandering around a strange land, holding hands with your partner and discovering new patterns that you can use to design your own underwear!

In Welcome To The Underwhere! you and your friend (or just you if you can operate a Brothers-style dual control scheme) each play a headless skeleton person with human legs and wearing underwear. These pairs of underwear are very plain – but you can change that! You can go to the dresser and customize the underwear using some pre-set colors and shapes. You can rotate, change the size of, and move the shapes around on the underwear to make it perfect. Once you have made a design you like, you can wear it and walk around the room showing it off.

You start the game with just a few different possible patterns to design your underwear but if you leave through the door on your right then you can go for a pleasant stroll with your partner, holding hands and collecting new designs by kicking the orbs that are scattered along the ground until they pop. You can then go back to your dressing room and create some super stylish underwear that you can parade around in in-front of your partner.

There’s no real objective in Welcome To The Underwhere! – it’s more just a super pleasant place to wander around, enjoying the surreal visuals and making some fantastic looking underwear.  All underwear should be designed this way!

Note: We’d recommend leaving the changing room and collecting patterns before using up all your underwear designing slots (you can only create a limited amount of underwear).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Welcome To The Underwhere! Here (Win & Mac)