Weldling – Pre-Alpha Download


Weldling is a fun non-profit 2.5D physics toy-box that allows users to easily weld objects together to build a multitude of structures and even create their own mini games.

Welding plans to be 100% free to play, with no DRM, micro-transactions or adverts, while still providing hordes of content and post release DLC at no cost.  The game is planned to come to PC/Mac/Linux & mobile, and features a simple and easily accessible interface that works well with a mouse and touch screen.  Touch screen is where the real joy will be though, as the tactile nature of the game makes it feel like a you’re playing with a physical toy-box.

The Pre-Alpha is obviously still very early in development, but it offers a great showcase of the games build-and-play nature and it’s realistic physics engine.  It’s great fun messing around with the various building blocks, the elasticity of the welds is a great touch – allowing you to create fun non-rigid structures that can be used in a variety of ways.  The tools available are fairly simple at the moment, but the dev plans to add multi-player, NPC Animals, multiple layers, time manipulation, animal breeding and a variety of new tools including one which allows you to create your own shapes.

With it’s ease of use and toy-box feel, Weldling is an impressive sandbox that revels in the joy of creation – like Lego, but with bendy bits and you don’t have to clear up afterwards!

Visit the Kickstarter Page & scan the QR code for the Android version HERE

Download the Pre-Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)