Were.Wolf – Student Game Download

Were.Wolf is a beautifully animated stealth action platforming adventure where a werewolf sneaks through a mysterious castle to break his curse.

In Were.Wolf you take on the role of a man who was turned into a werewolf and imprisoned in a castle. The castle owner appears to be behind it all and she has some very macabre practices. You need to sneak through the castle and confront her, with an aim of breaking your curse.

Even though you are a werewolf in Were.Wolf, you don’t use your werewolf form to attack anybody. The guards of the castle are equipped with glowing lights that can kill you, so you need to use stealth rather than brute force to get past them.

You can transform between your human form and your werewolf form at will. The werewolf form is faster and can double jump, while the human form can walk past guards and squeeze through tight spaces. You’ll need to use both as you make your way through the castle.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a great little stealth puzzle platforming adventure with high quality pixel artwork and creative level design that makes great use of your shapeshifting abilities. The cutscenes are particularly impressive and the little bits of narrative you get from various notes and friendly(ish) strangers do a good job of fleshing out the world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Were.Wolf Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)