West of Dead – Open Beta (Steam & Xbox One)

Grab your six shooters and get ready to blast your way through a Wild West purgatory, West of Dead is now in open Beta on Xbox One and Steam!

As we mentioned during the last Beta, West of Dead is a comic book styled twin-stick shooter where you step into the spurred boots of a recently deceased gunslinger (voiced by Ron Pearlman). You find yourself in Purgatory, Wyoming, 1888 – a shifting and chaotic place which is formed by the beliefs and culture of the souls that pass through it.

You may already be dead, but you’ll need to be careful not to end up even deader. Purgatory is a dangerous place, filled with bandits, witches and wendigoes. You’ll need to use your sharp-shooting skills and the game’s handy cover mechanics to get the best of them.

It’s a very cool game with fast paced and tactical gunfights, a fantastic comic book art style and the voice of Ron Pearlman. The Beta will be live until Feb 24th so grab your six shooter and check it out now!

You Can Download the Xbox One West of Dead Beta Via The Xbox Store

Grab a West of Dead Steam Beta Key Here (Control Pad Required to Play)