West of Dead – Open Beta (Xbox One)

The open Beta is now live on Xbox One for West of Dead, a stylish twin-stick shooter with tactical cover usage and voicework by Ron Perlman, set in a dark and gritty 1888 Wild West purgatory full of sin, damnation, wendigos and witches.

In West of Dead you take on the role of a dead gunslinger called William Mason, voiced by Ron Perlman, who awakens in a Purgatory – a chaotic world that takes its form from the memories of those that pass through it. With no memory of how you got there, you now let your guns do the talking as you search for answers in an adventure that may have mythic consequences. The gunfights are spectacle-filled and allow you to use the scenery to your advantage – such as using tables for cover or ricocheting shots off walls.

It’s a great looking game, with a very cool comic book-esqe visual style and fast paced gun battles where you can use the scenery to your advantage. Also, what could possibly be more badass that controlling an undead gunslinger with a flaming skull and the voice of Ron Perlman?

Download The West of Dead Beta Via The Xbox One Store (Xbox One)

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