Westwood Shadows – Pre-Alpha Demo

Westwood Shadows is a beautifully rendered puzzle-focused narrative-driven first-person horror adventure where you unravel dark secrets after you’re called out to investigate a mysterious old mansion.

In Westwood Shadows you take on the role of Peter Bennet, a detective who lost his wife and child in a car crash a few years ago. After being sent out to investigate the disappearance of a couple in a large mansion you start to uncover dark secrets about the mansion’s history and a nearby asylum, some of which may link back to your family.

The Pre-Alpha demo of Westwood Shadows takes around 40 minutes to play through and allows you to explore a sizeable chunk of the mansion. The interior of the mansion is beautifully rendered and decadently furnished, but it can feel a little empty at times as there are very few objects that you can actually interact with (it is still in Pre-Alpha though so will hopefully get fleshed out a little).

There’s a nice variety of puzzles on offer, which often actually require you to do a little detective work and figure things out, rather than just combining one object with another. The horror element of the game doesn’t really start to come in until right at the end of the demo, but the narrative is interesting and there are a few discoveries you make during your investigation that are very intriguing.

The full game isn’t due for release until Q4 2020, but even in these early stages of development Westwood Shadows is a very impressive game. The visuals are beautiful, the puzzles are well thought out and you’ll really be hooked when you discover the dark secrets the old mansion is hiding. A tense and cerebral horror adventure well worth checking out.

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  1. Hey! Thank you for playing Westwood Shadows and for your feedback. We are glad you like the progress of the game. The next stage of the development is to add AI and more interactions for the player.
    We are planning to release one more demo with the next level of the game and in that version the player will get the full experience of the gameplay as well.
    See you on the next update!
    RedSoup studio

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