What Have We Done to Each Other? – Alpha Demo

What Have We Done to Each Other? is a beautifully crafted narrative-driven psychological thriller which follows three sibblings as they reminice and investigate the murder of thie cousin.

The events of What Have We Done to Each Other? take place 15 years after the murder of a young girl called Hope. It was thought that she was a victim of a serial killer called the “Iron Teeth Killer”, but now her three cousins (Ava, Caleb and Mia) have begun to suspect that this may not be the case and the murderer may be someone much closer to home.

In the full version of What Have We Done to Each Other? players will follow the story of Ava, Caleb and Mia as they unravel a web of family secrets and try to discover the truth about the death of their cousin. The current build is a vertical slice of the game and sees you taking control of Mia as she explores Hope’s old bedroom.

You can explore Hope’s bedroom, pick up objects and examine them, often triggering a memory that Mia has of Hope. There’s a lot of narrative to be uncovered just via the object in that room, especially if you take time to peruse Hopes little box of letters. The room is largely unchanged since Hope’s death, but you can get a glimpse of what it was like back when she was alive by holding the right trigger. This also allows you to investigate more objects, delving deeper into your memories and learning more about the events around Hope’s death in the process.

You don’t get down to the bottom of who Hope’s killer is in the current build of What Have We Done to Each Other?, but there are some pretty significant revelations. The narrative is very intriguing and it’s told beautifully, using a mixture of environmental storytelling and well written (and acted) dialogue as you delve deeper into the mystery. Highly recommended.

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