What If I Were Brave Enough – Student Game

What If I Were Brave Enough is a powerful little tale of regret as you struggle to forgive yourself for making the wrong choice one fateful day during your childhood.

In What If I Were Brave Enough you are an adult called Aiden who is reliving a childhood memory which causes you much anguish. The night in question starts with your mother and father arguing while you are holed up in your bedroom and it can end very differently depending on which actions you take. You won’t change the events that actually happened in real life, but they may help you find a little closure.

There are some pretty glaring translation issues (English is clearly not the dev’s first language), but What If I Were Brave Enough delivers a powerful and thought provoking little story during its short play time. It’s clearly a memory you’ve replayed many times before and the conversations between your older self and your younger self are particularly interesting.

The onus should never be on a young child to look after a parent but it’s obvious why your character feels guilty. While your younger self clearly isn’t the one to blame for the events of that night your older self knows what you could have changed – if you were brave enough.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download What If I Were Brave Enough Here (Windows & Mac)