What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! A Magician’s Quest for Immortality – Game Jam Build

What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! A Magician’s Quest for Immortality, a ZX Spectrum-styled platformer made for the 365 Indies Jam 2017, has you absorbing the powers of the monsters that kill you!

You are a wizard who is stuck in death’s dungeon. Everything around you can kill you, however, as a wizard, you do have a very special power. Each time you die, you change to the color of the enemy that has killed you and gain the power that enemy used to end your life. As an added bonus, you also become immune to that type of enemy! These powers do not stack, you only get to have one after you have died, but you can use them for a few different things.

Some powers, like electricity, allow you to activate platforms, shoot through walls and kill enemies. The ice power can let you freeze water – the firepower can burn crates. These double uses are very important when it comes to continuing through the levels. As they get more challenging, you will need to use a specific power to overcome the obstacles presented to you.

What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! gets pretty challenging later on, with the lack of checkpoints and with a large variety of enemies all looking to send you back to the start. It’s a fun game, with a great premise – carve your own path through death’s dungeon and take advantage of your deaths as you go!

Play What Kills You Makes You Stronger!! Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)