What Lives Below – Prototype Download

What Lives Below is a fantastic sea monster hunting game that could perhaps best be described as Shadow of the Colossus on a boat!

In What Lives Below you set out to sea in an absurdly small boat to slay some absurdly large sea monsters. They really are gigantic and they have an assortment of different ways to smash your boat to smithereens. Don’t worry though, you’re equipped with some deadly… harpoons?!?

After getting over the fact that you’re going out on your fishing expedition a little under-equipped (even a rocket launcher would feel like a pea-shooter against these guys), you then set out on your boat to slay some monsters. You pilot your boat and follow the signals on the radar to find the monsters. Finding them is the easy part though, when you throw your first harpoon the real fight begins…

There are four sea monsters in the current build of What Lives Below, each of which requires different tactics to take down. They all have unique attacks and they all have specific weak points where you need to attack them. Finding these weak spots can be tricky at times and you’ll also need to be sure to repair your boat when it gets damaged or you won’t last long. To make things even more challenging there’s also the small matter that the monsters get angrier as the battle rages on, with them unleashing more powerful attacks towards you and your tiny boat.

Even though it’s just a prototype, What Lives Below is a remarkably polished game with some fantastic visuals. You’ll need a fairly hefty PC to play it at the moment, but if you’ve got the horsepower it’s an electrifying experience with some jaw-dropping battles. It’s like a terrifying fusion of Jaws and Shadow of the Colossus. And yes, you are gonna need a bigger boat! Highly recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The What Lives Below Prototype Here (Windows)