WHAT THE GOLF? – Prototype Download

WHAT THE GOLF? is a fantastic new physics based golfing game that sees you knocking balls, golf clubs, golfers and other oddities around colorful and creative golf courses that inject a healthy dose of fun into the age old game of stick ball!

In WHAT THE GOLF?, you are playing a simple game of golf, attempting to knock your ‘ball’ towards your target in as few shots as possible. However, this is no ordinary game of golf – WHAT THE GOLF? breaks the rules of what you can do in a golf game in nearly every conceivable way.

Each hole is packed full of creative twists on the classic game of golf, including soccer trick shots,  SUPERHOT inspired time-only-moves-when-you-do combat and Clustertruck inspired truck riding chaos. There’s also lots of fun to be had with interacting with the environment – giant toasters produce toast, cats fall away, everything is destructible. One of the most fun things about WHAT THE GOLF? though, is that nearly anything can be used as a golf ball – people, golf clubs, boxes or even entire golf clubhouses!

Even in it’s current prototype form, WHAT THE GOLF? is a blast – a wonderfully wacky game that’s packed full of surprises and inventive twists on the classic game of golf. Highly recommended!

Note: The WHAT THE GOLF? Prototype also features a great selection of bonus levels, including SUPERHOT and Clustertruck themed ones. Access them by clicking the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out the Fig Page & Download The What The Golf Prototype Here