When it Hits The Fan – Beta Demo

When it Hits The Fan is a fun top down arcade shooter in which you blast your way through zombies, robots, aliens, demons and many other monstrosities as you deal with four world ending apocalypses that kick off simultaneously!

Playable in singleplayer or local co-op, When It Hits The Fan offers a fun slice of retro arcade action inspired by 16 bit classics like Smash TV and Contra. In the game you take control of two heavily armed bros and attempt to deal with four apocalypses that have started simultaneously – a zombie outbreak, a military grade robot uprising, aliens attempting to conquer the planet and demons pouring out from the gates of hell.

The gameplay in When It Hits The Fan offers satisfyingly retro-feeling fast paced run and gun action that features a nice selection of weaponry and diverse enemy types. It’s also pretty tough (especially in single player) with large hordes of enemies charging straight for you as you frantically try to fend them off.

It’s a fun game that offers a welcome dose of retro arcade run and gun action that packs a real punch. Sure, world ending apocalypses are pretty commonplace in video games, but dealing with four at once? That’s going to be a challenge!

Download When it Hits The Fan Beta Demo Here (Link on Right Side of Page)