When Nothing Came – Game Jam Build

When Nothing Came is a narrative exploration experience that play like an interactive poem as you explore a world full of words and beautiful hand drawn artwork.

When Nothing Came tells a sad story, through a bunch of little poems, all weaving and circling hand drawn graphics that appear as you walk. You play a little flower, who seems to be the ‘she’ poems are talking about. As you walk, you are able to start pulling apart words and moving phrases, to see if that affects the poems. Often, it does not, and instead destroys the sad words around you, but sometimes you’ll find the exact word you need that will advance the story.

As the story moves you to new locations, you can continue walking forward to see more of what is going on. At any point, you can move backwards, which works like rewinding but sometimes showcases some new words you might not have seen before. The poems continue to have a harsh and sad tone, much of which is reflected by the slow and sad walk you take, but all of it is captivating.

That’s the thing about When Nothing Came – it’s very captivating, pulling you in to find the next area and understand the next bit of beautifully written poems. It’s a game you want to keep playing, to see the outcome and find anything hidden that you may be able to use or work with. You’ll spend a lot of my time flinging words and letters around before just trying to move forward without re-writing my story. Either way, this game does have an end – one well worth getting too.

You can When Nothing Came Here (Windows)