When Pigs Fly – Alpha Download

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is a fun physics-based flying game in which you repurpose farm equipment in an attempt to make a pig fly.

When loading up When Pigs Fly you’ll have access to a well crafted little plane that really can make a pig fly.  However once you start trying to build your own, you’ll find out just how tough (and fun) it really is to design a fully functional aircraft out of scraps.

You have a wide selection of parts available, from windmills to parrachickens, all of which can be easily slotted onto your aircraft to make some ridiculous and awesome contraptions.  However, it’s one thing making an aircraft that looks awesome, making one that can actually fly is another thing!  Once you’ve built a functioning aircraft you can take to the skies, carry out bombing runs and test your mettle on time trial runs.

When Pigs Fly is still early in development, but it’s already a great physics based sandbox to play around with.  A fabulous farmyard flying sim full of charm and spectacular smashes.

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Download Or Play When Pigs Fly HERE (Windows, Mac & Browser)