When The Past Was Around – Beta Demo

When The Past Was Around is a beautiful and surreal hand drawn point and click puzzle adventure about a girl who is searching for something missing from her world.

The narrative of When The Past Was Around is told via a series of disjointed room that represent memories from a young girl’s past. She’s accompanied by a shadowy beast which gathers more characteristics as the game progresses and appears to represent an ex-boyfriend (though a lot is left up to the player to interpret).

Each room of When The Past Was Around is a memory and self contained puzzle where you have to search for clues and discover a feather to allow you to move on. Music plays an important factor in the narrative and some of the puzzles, and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. It all feels very sweet and peaceful, but you’d also make a real mess and cause a lot of damage as you make your way through each memory, almost as if you’re remembering a destructive relationship.

The current build of When The Past Was Around takes around 15 minutes to play through and it’s a captivating experience from start to finish. The artwork and audio are fantastic as you solve puzzles and travel through the hand drawn dream-like memories accompanied by your shadowy owl beast. A strange, surreal and beautiful adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download When The Past Was Around Beta Demo Here (Win & Mac)