When the Shutter Stops – Kickstarter Demo

When the Shutter Stops is a visual novel/point and click adventure hybrid that takes you through the story of Pri, a young kid and hard-nosed private investigator, who is trying to solve a very important murder.

Pri is a private detective – underage, not legally allowed to live on her own, and very talented. She normally does client work, digging up dirt on individuals and solving small cases to pay the rent, but occasionally the police force need her help. This is the case today.

Though last time she worked with the police force, they didn’t meet eye to eye, Pri can’t turn down the massive paycheck offered when they need a fresh perspective on a serial killer case. Someone has been poisoning individuals using darts, killing more than a handful of people so far.

Most of When the Shutter Stops is played like a visual novel – reading different character’s conversations and choosing what you want to say out loud when promoted, however, when you investigate a crime scene things change. You are able to point and click around the scene, picking up on smaller details to examine and comment on. If you are struggling, you can talk to the other detectives, or take a breath – which forces small indicators to appear over where you should look.

Pri, despite being a child, is very mature for her age. You aren’t told her full story right off the bat, but slowly as you get to know the police force and try to solve the case, you will learn more and more about this investigative genus. It’s an intriguing, beautifully drawn and very well written detective adventure well worth investigating.

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