Where Is My Hammer – GameJam Build Download

where is my hammer game

Where Is My Hammer is a fun Unreal Engine 4 powered physics sandbox which allows you to smash everything you see into tiny little pieces with your mighty hammer.

Built for the #IndiesvsPewdiepie GameJam, this wonderfully therapeutic experience gives you free rein to smash an entire house to smithereens.  There are no rules, no fail states and no goals, just one big hammer and the joy of destruction – and what joy it is!  As you swing, bash and smash your way through the house, nothing can stand in the way of your mighty hammer.

This is a GameJam build, so there are a few glitches (especially once you’ve smashed up most of the house), but on the whole, Where Is My Hammer is a blast. Perfect for letting off some steam and indulging in some wanton carnage.  A smashtastic sandbox that will feed your appetite for destruction.

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